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A New Direction

Updated: Jan 18

After giving this a lot of thought, I’ve decided to change the way I’m involved with radio.

Being in Year 10 and with my GCSE's approaching, I feel I really need some extra time to focus on schoolwork and have spare time for myself. While I really enjoy the live show, committing to a weekly show has started to get in the way of this time, and I might not be able to devote the right level of attention and energy every week.

This is why I’ve decided not to commit on a weekly show, but instead to focus on different types of radio projects. I’m hoping to use the skills that I’ve learnt from presenting the show for 4 years, and use them to work on new exciting projects, but with less stress to commit on a regular basis so that I am flexible in terms of schoolwork getting in the way. I’m working on some other ideas at the moment (I’ll keep you posted on this website).

I’m staying at ICR FM to help behind-the-scenes, and to keep working on some really interesting projects with them. This may also mean I can get back into live radio in the future, or get some more on-air experience from time to time.

However, I’m definitely going to miss ‘The Yanis Mix’ live, and wanted to quickly thank everyone who’s listened and/or supported the show, including the ICR FM family! I have so many good memories from presenting the weekly show and have learnt so many valuable lessons and skills from it. Having a radio show since the age of 10 has been an unforgettable experience, and this is mainly thanks to the trust ICR FM have in me.

The date of the last ‘The Yanis Mix’ is the 25th January 2022, and I’m excited to continue this radio journey in other formats with you in the new year 2022! Updates coming soon! :)

More information about 'The Yanis Mix' radio show: www.theyanismix.co.uk/theyanismix-radioshow


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