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Mobile plastic-free shopping in the Suffolk area

Cupboard Love, founded by Mel Menhams roughly 2 years ago, is a local and fully mobile plastic-free shopping service offering a range of products including food like cereals and dried fruit, personal care products like shampoo bars and bamboo toothbrushes, and homeware products like sandwich wraps and coffee cups.

In an increasingly facilitated and simple shopping industry, plastic remains hugely present in nearly all supermarkets across the UK. It is now almost impossible to shop without plastic, and completely unrealistic to do this using major supermarkets.

This is why Mel decided to create Cupboard Love, and takes pride in selling a range of items completely plastic-free to the Suffolk community.

Learning about things like this causes us to pose the question:

"Why can't supermarkets do that too?"

Unfortunately, this undoubtedly more sustainable method of shopping has not yet become a common sight in our supermarkets. Instead, plastic is used.

In this interview, Mel talks about her inspiration for opening Cupboard Love, our habits as consumers, and where we are with the supermarket plastic problem.

You can find out more about Cupboard Love on the website: www.cupboardlove.shop

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