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Have we turned a blind eye to the environmental crisis?

Levels of litter in the UK are exploding as we come out of lockdown. It seems we have forgotten the environmental lessons we learnt when the world was at a standstill - the unpolluted waters, the clean beaches, and more. Have we turned a blind eye to the environmental crisis?

Author of two children's books and founder of an environmental group with around 800 members, Debbie Bartlett speaks live on the show about what she and volunteers have been doing locally to combat the issue, and how we all need to take part.

We now eat/drink plastic every day. Find out how much you are consuming here.

As well as taking part with things like Litter Free Felixstowe, there are many things you can do to help fight plastic pollution.

Visit Greenpeace's and Friends Of The Earth's "Act Now" pages to find out other ways you can help.

You can find the Litter Free Felixstowe Facebook page here.

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