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"I also really like the freedom in children's books" - Interview with Hannah Gold

Updated: Mar 28

"A lot of people probably think that writing children's book is maybe easier, and I wouldn't necessarily say it is easier because, you know, you can't underestimate children - they're so smart, and they're so ingenious, and they're so sensitive, and they're incredible" - Hannah Gold

Writing has been a long term passion for her, along with animals and the idea of being a vet. Having recently finished her debut children's book, "The Last Bear", she has settled on her first dream, although her love for the natural world still shines through the pages of her novel.

Her dream for writing was one she pursued in her early 20's, with the idea for "The Last Bear", her first book to receive a publishing deal, and to receive endorsement from Michael Morpurgo, sparking in 2019.

"I also really like the freedom in children's books, it's like sometimes adult's books can be boxed into they have to be particular genres and you can't cross genres. I think there's a lot of adventure and freedom and this idea that anything can go in children's books, and they're just really hopeful. They're really hopeful books and they're sort of celebrations and you can read them and they can be just like really good escapism" - Hannah Gold

This is Book Club Episode 4 with Hannah Gold.

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