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New ICRFM Imaging for 2022!

On January 1st 2022, the brand new imaging pack for Ipswich Community Radio was launched!

Produced by myself and voiced by voiceover artist Glenn Carey, the new pack aims to bring a new proud and professional sound to the station, while emphasising the local community theme.

The new pack contains:

· 3 Announcements

· 10 Sweepers

· 3 Top Of Hours

· 50 Voice Clips (For Future Imaging)

One of the highlights of this pack is the main top of hour, which features a compilation of voices from ICRFM members to further push the community atmosphere – working with members to create the new pack was really fun, and I think proved extremely powerful in the final result.

As a local community radio station serving to inform, entertain, and bring together the local community, I feel the new imaging pack appropriately represents the station, and can be used alongside it’s varied and diverse content.

The announcements, sweepers, and top of hours can be heard in the audio clip here:


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