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"I think I was actually about 5 when I announced that I wanted to be an author" - Nicola Gill

Updated: Sep 16

"I think even the fact that you've written one or now two books before, it doesn't make it any less scary to sit down and just think: Wow. I've got to create this whole story from nothing" - Nicola Gill

She's wanted the job since she was 5. She published her debut in February 2020, her second in September and is already writing her third. She went from being an unpaid intern running from one job to another to her dream career - writing.

Her uplifting and comedic stories, although not covering the most lighthearted of themes, emphasise the bold contrast between the light and the dark - something she believes provokes comedy.

"It's the light and the dark together that I really like - I like writing and I like as a reader as well" - Nicola Gill

"Sometimes, in the darkest times in our lives, we'll still find humour" - Nicola Gill

This is Book Club Episode 3 with Nicola Gill.

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