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Unwrapped & Refill - the zero-waste shop coming soon to Ipswich

As the plastic problem continues to grow in our day-to-day lives, a local person in Ipswich is trying to offer a waste-free alternative to many of our favourite supermarket products by opening a zero-waste shop here in Ipswich.

Lucy Storey understands the need for facilitated, simple shopping in today's fast-paced world, and is determined to find a solution that is convenient and affordable to all.

Unwrapped & Refill is a shop she is currently crowdfunding to open to the Ipswich community, and will offer a wide range of plastic-free products from food to personal care. With experience in the supermarket industry, and with knowledge of our shopping habits, Lucy speaks on the show about whether is it currently realistic to shop plastic-free, what needs to change, and whether our go-to place for every-day products, the supermarket, is doing enough.

You can donate to Lucy's crowdfunding page by pressing here.


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