The Yanis Mix
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The Yanis Mix is a radio show I presented from the ages of 10-14 on my local community radio station.

The aim of the show was to entertain listeners and bring them into "chill mode" after a long day at work, as it was broadcast at a peak time for the drive home.

Alongside a selection of uplifting pop and EDM, the show featured interesting stories in the papers, features such as 'Song Of The Week', and extras (interviews, visits, audio documentaries, etc).

Presenting this show has been such an unforgettable experience for me, and I have thouroughly enjoyed connecting with an audience, preparing and hosting varied content, and also working on the technical side. The experience has given me so much knowledge and skills around presenting, broadcasting, and the world of radio in general.

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The show was broadcast live every Tuesday from 5-6PM on Ipswich Community Radio, a local community radio station.

Despite initially being broadcast from the ICR FM studios in Ipswich, the last year or two of the show was broadcast from home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Broadcasting from home allowed me to build a home studio and learn, by firsthand experience, valuable technical skills and knowledge.

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