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I’m Yanis, a 14-year-old student and podcaster.

Although I cannot remember when I first realised my passion for radio, I remember creating my own shows for fun when I was about 10, and playing them to my family on what I called the “Bluetooth Radio” …😏

I was given the opportunity to visit my local community station, Ipswich Community Radio, and to complete a 6-week training course. I was completely fascinated by what I learnt and, 4 years later, that fascination is still here.

My first ever real radio show, “The Yanis Mix”, was launched a week before I turned 11. The live show was broadcast every Tuesday from 5-6 PM. Over the 3 and a half years I presented it, it evolved massively, and I have gained so much from the experience.

While I was presenting the show, I was lucky enough to have been nominated for Young Person of the Year at the national Community Radio Awards 2020 and went on to win Silver in the same category the following year. Not only was the ceremony a great place to connect with some really interesting people in the industry, but the award opened the door to some other exciting opportunities for me, such as appearing on BBC radio, and in the news.

After over 150 shows, I decided to take a break from weekly broadcasts at the start of 2022 to have more time for myself, which is especially important with my GCSE’s approaching.

I took the opportunity to create something new and try something completely different to the show, and created the "Along The Road" podcast, in which every episode is a conversation with someone I find interesting or inspiring. We talk about the lessons they learnt along their journey in what they do, with an aim for the listener to be able to take something away from the episodes that they can implement in their own life.

My passion for radio is not only on the presenting side, but also in the crucial behind-the-scenes world. Being involved in community radio gives me unparalleled opportunities to get involved in this way, and my projects over the years have included social media, posters, radio imaging, and more.

My big dream is to work for the BBC and to carry on with my enthusiasm for radio, and I’m so grateful to be able to get involved in so many different ways already.



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